Ultimate Chosson

Wedding Preparation Program

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Ultimate Chosson

Wedding Preparation Program

Main Program:

Class 01: Introduction to Jewish Marriage
Class 02: How a Woman Becomes Impure
Class 03: Laws of Distancing (Harchakos)
Class 04: Purification Process (Tahalich Tahara)
Class 05: Caution Calendar (Vesasos)
Class 06: Laws & Customs of Intimacy (Ishus)
Class 07: Relationship Training (Foundation)
Class 08: Relationship Training (Practical)
Class 09: Relationship Training (Practical cont’d)
Class 10: Chasuna Day Walkthrough

Also Includes:

Free Bonus#1:

Personalized Decorative Kesubah ($150 value)

Free Bonus #2:

Subconscious Influence Course ($350 value)

Free Bonus #3:

Habit Builder Course ($500 value)